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2015 RV Pro Price List



Standard: 16 Channel Board Mixer, 2 Passive PA’s, 2 PA stands, 2 sub with 2 Power AMPs

MR Extreme: 16 Channel Board Mixer, 4 Passive PA's, 2 subs, (monitors per-request), 4 Power

AMPs. Multi room wireless unit or Video processing (video projection)

Concert Series: 16 Channel Board Mixer, 4 Passive PA's, 2 subs, (monitors per-request), 4

Power AMPs. (32 Channel Mixer available per request) 32 Channel Mixer adds additional $50.


Standard: $300.00 (best value)

MR Extreme: $450.00

Concert Series $600.00

Event Add-On Services:

Host: $150.00 (requires 2 week in advance notice)

Fog Machine: $25.00

Stage Lighting: $50.00 (basic lighting, 2 LED coloring changing projection)

CD Recording Services:

Single CD Recording - $50.00 (cd recording with out editing) CD issued on the end of event.

CD Extreme Recording - $500.00 (includes the following)

Live concert/event recording, track editing, volume control editing, CD cover and Jewel casing


Props available for all occasions. (requires 2 to 3 weeks notice for processing)

Professional Photography Services available by Fonseca Fotography. Fonseca Fotography offers

variety of packages with exceptional service. Please contact Richard for details.

Each package includes:

Sound / music editing.

One scheduled meeting with event cordinator.

One scheduled practice or sound check session before event date. (RV Pro will not arrive with

system on practice day)


A Day Of Worship BX

A sound and visual minstry designed to spread the word of God. To schedule a worship concert

in your area, please contact Richard using the contact information below. Please call for more

details. Please relate to website at

To schedule any event please contact Rich using the following:

Phone: 646-342-7115

Email: or

Facebook: Pro RV / Instagram: Rvbsolutions

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