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RV Solutions was created on March 10th 2007, when a small surprise birthday party would be the beginnings to a long journey of music entertainment service provision.  Founder Rich Vargas decided to promote himself after the suggestion of a family member, who saw the potential in a small business on the rise.  Therefore teaming up with those few words he began to fulfill clients with the quality sound, professional service and unforgettable moments.  

Rich Vargas wanted to establish a company /organization that could build a reputable names from people who served the community, none the less he did just that.  Associating him with non-pit organizations and renaming the business RV Productions.  

RV Productions can fulfill a range of party events, street fairs, school plays and small concerts.  Our mission is to strive in providing quality service with the highest level of commitment and satisfaction to our client's.  Always expecting to meet your needs and beyond.

For any information or schedule a event please contact Rich Vargas:
Phone: 646-342-7115
Email: or
Social Media: Facebook - Pro RV  Instagram - Rvbsolutions

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